Wood-Mode COVID-19 Update

First and foremost, we want to thank our staff, dealers and reps for truly coming together during this difficult time. While this is challenging for all of us, the leadership team at Wood-Mode has been encouraged and inspired by the stories we are hearing of the Wood-Mode family helping each other and finding ways to overcome. As some of the Wood-Mode staff have shared on social media, we will get through this… together.
The temporary closure ordered by the Governor of Pennsylvania continues to impact all cabinet manufacturers in the state. While we are still engaging our local, state and federal authorities to find the best timing and practices for re-opening our production facility, we are also prepared for the possibility that this temporary
closure will remain in place for all cabinet manufacturers for the entire month of April. 
Our primary concern is with our employees, dealers and reps as well as their families. As our Governor stated when he announced the temporary closures… we must protect lives before we protect livelihoods. Together, we will regain the momentum we had before the closure, but for right now we must all stay healthy and
protect the health of others. In order to support our staff during this time, Wood-Mode is paying the full price of the health benefits of our employees while the temporary closure is in place during April. 
We would also like to thank our dealers who continue to engage their customers and send in orders. You are helping even now to make the regaining of our momentum a reality. We are focused on limiting production delays by continuing to do quotes, take orders and do production planning. In addition, our entire supply chain is fully intact and ready for re-opening once we get the clearance.
Please continue to share your stories with us and each other during this time. Encouragement and inspiration are needed and valuable. We will issue additional updates as needed.