Traditional Design for the 21st Century - Wood-Mode and DCoopMedia Partner for NeoCon 2015

Digital content developer DCoopMedia partnered with Wood-Mode, the leader in fine custom cabinetry, to celebrate NeoCon 2015 and the recent opening of the cabinetry giant’s Lifestyle Design Center with a VIP event, “Traditional for the 21st Century,” which took place June 16.

With additional support from American luxury brand Blanton’s Bourbon, “Traditional for the 21st Century” was designed with the premise of luxury and American tradition in mind, giving attendees an insider’s look into the changing face of traditional design in the United States. In conjunction with #DesignLUX, Wood-Mood hosted a special private tour in its new showroom at Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart, which highlighted the works of its design team as well as the designs of American interior designers. The event was followed by a white-glove bourbon tasting.

Prior to the event, interior designers, architects, and craftspeople were invited to share with DCoopMedia photos showcasing their original designs, which embody both the spirit of classical design and the functionality of the modern American family. Read more at